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Are you in need of extra space or storage now in the Washington DC area? Whether you’re planning a small move, huge project or just need a convenient storage area in the DC area the City Jump Moving and Storage is the team you need to call. You can take advantage of a storage unit today. We can offer you a FREE estimate on your storage needs.

Keep your possessions and furniture safe with us in our storage in the Washington DC metro area
• Climate Control Storage Available
• Storage units
• Storage unit delivery


Your Belongings Will Be Kept Secure

  • Our storage space features temperature control
  • Storage units are protected from rain or snow. Your items are safe from any damage caused by precipitation.
  • The storage are is immaculately clean. We do our best to make sure that none of your items will accumulate dirt and grime while staying in our care.
  • Movers give utmost care and while moving your items. We ensure the safety of the items on arrival.

Storage services when you need them, where you need them.  We are able to tailor our storage services to any size and everywhere.

Secure Storage

  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  • We offer state of the art security.
  • Video monitoring and surveillance cameras are installed around the area.
  • Well-lighted facility to prevent robbery
  • Insurance and locks are available to ensure the safety of your belongings

Frequently Asked question

The crew will place floor runners on all floors to protect against dirt, and damage.

Prior to the crew’s arrival, please ensure that any items that are not going to be packed are placed in a separate, safe area. If the majority of items are not going to be packed, the items that will be packed should be clearly labeled and consolidated in one area. We want to ensure that only the items that are meant to be packed are actually packed.

You may contact your move coordinator at any time throughout your move process. Your move coordinator can assist with delivery dates, additional moving services and any questions you may have about the process. If you ever need to add or subtract items from your move or change your move date, your move coordinator can assist with updates. Keep his/her phone number handy throughout the entire move process.