Packing Tips

packing tips

Packing Tips

  • Boxes should not be so large that it will obstruct the view when carried or be over 50lbs when packed.
  • Do not over fill or under fill boxes; this practice increases the risk of damage. Tops must close flat and be sealed with tape.
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Pack articles snugly so they will not shift.
  • Cushion every carton with clean, crushed paper-on the bottom, between layers, at the top, and in any empty spaces between articles.
  • Pack small articles in small boxes and nest them into a large box.
  • Wrap fabrics and china in clean newsprint.
  • Wrap all items separately to protect fine surfaces and protrusions from damage.
  • Wrap small articles in colored paper so they will not be discarded with packing material.
  • If you must ship liquids, fasten and tape lids, seal in a plastic bag and place upright in a carton.
  • Record the contents of each carton in a notebook. Label each carton with your name, room location and special directions.
  • Tape small pieces and screws to where they belong or put them in a carton labeled “Set-Up Carton” for easy access at destination.
  • Place items from desks and drawers in small-labeled cartons. Loose clothing may remain in dresser drawers.
  • Place “Do Not Move” sign on items that are to remain in the house.
  • Assign a place for suitcases and other items that are not to go into the truck or container.
  • Send your valuables (jewels, furs, important papers, etc) by registered mail or security carrier, or carry them with you. We cannot accept responsibility for their shipment.
  • Roll and tie electrical cords so they will not tangle.
  • Prepare a “Load Last-Unload First” carton for things you will need as soon as you arrive.

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